Cold Feet

I am horrible at updating this blog.

Hey! Can you blame me? I’m getting married in SIXTEEN DAYS!



It’s quite the feat if I do say so myself.

Recently, I have been reading so many blog posts from young women who are experiencing the same emotions that I am. Planning a wedding is draining and can take an emotional toll on you. Not only that, but it can really make you have second doubts. I think the thing I am doubting the most is whether 18 months was really necessary? I should have just eloped.

If I had eloped, however, I most likely wouldn’t have had the amazing opportunity to walk down the aisle in these babies:


Seychelles Late Night, Glitter

Here is the story behind these beautifully crafted shoes:

I had been on the search for the perfect wedding shoe for about 5 months. It’s crazy that it took me that look to begin the search because I bought my wedding dress three months after getting engaged. And I bought the dress as is…walked right out of the store with it. I knew I wanted a wedge and I wanted them to be gold or mustard yellow. After months of searching, I ordered a pair of blue wedges from a popular “vintage” website. They arrived promptly and I HATED THEM. They were too blue and even my bridesmaids said they didn’t fit my personality.

Disappointed, I continued my search. I still could not find anything and I partially blamed this on the fact my search ran well into the Summer season. I had been eying a pair of Seychelles for quite some time and while I loved them they still did not feel like wedding shoes to me. In July I became desperate and exhausted from my search for the perfect shoe so I went back to said “vintage” website and purchased these:


Seychelles Tempest

I showed my mom and bridesmaids and yet again received the same blase response. Interestingly enough, I am usually super sensitive to people and their reactions or comments. I took their response very well agreeing that they weren’t stunning but they were still great.

Had I not referred to said “vintage” blog and gone directly to the source I would have come across my DREAM shoe. After coming across the most perfect shoe ever invented I became saddened and disappointed that I had not ordered Tempest through Seychelles because I would have been able to exchange the shoe for Late Night, Glitter. Not thinking much of it, I wrote to Seychelles thinking nothing would come of it. I emailed to let the company know how much I loved their shoe and how even though I had made the mistake of not ordering through their website, I was still extremely excited to walk down the aisle in their shoes.

I did not expect any response from the company but to my surprise, I received a response.

The follow is the exchange of emails between myself and a manager from one of the best companies out there:

—–Original Message—–
From: Little Faux Pas
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 10:26 AM
Subject: Seychelles Website Request

Comments submitted 08/27/2013 from Seychelles website.


I am writing to you to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE your shoes. I
found out about your shoe line when I worked at a radio station and the
drummer from Neon Trees was wearing fantastic shoes and I HAD to know where
they were from. Lo and behold, they were Seychelles. Three years later I am
about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life and will be marrying my
best friend in just a month in a half. In my search for the perfect shoe, I
came across the Tempest Heel (which I saved all my pennies for because my
fiance and I have had to pay for our wedding out of pocket without help). I
had been looking for a glitter style wedge to no avail so I made the
decision to purchase the Tempest. Had I searched your website earlier, I
would have come across the Late Night, Glitter wedge. My absolute dream
shoe. Everything I had ever envisioned in the perfect wedding shoe. Although
I won’t get to wear the Late Night, Glitter wedges on my big day…I am
still pretty stoked that I get to rock down the aisle in some really amazing
heels. Just wanted to let you know how incredible your shoes are. Can’t wait
to make them a part of my big day.

Thanks! ūüôā



Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 10:26 AM
To: Little Faux Pas
Subject: Seychelles Website Request


Hi and thanks for writing in with such kind words!

Good luck and congrats on your wedding!

c l a u d i a
seychelles: shop | facebook | twitter | blog



to:  Little Faux Pas
date:  Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 10:57 AM
subject:  RE: Seychelles Website Request

Hi again, just found out we still have stock in this shoe. We would love for you to have your “dream shoes” for your wedding.

What size and color are you looking for in the Late Night?

Basically, after that the emails are me thanking Claudia profusely and telling her she is an angel sent from shoe heaven.I was FLOORED by this shoe angel, Claudia, and could not believe this happened to me. After a series of really crappy events the past couple of months, this made me believe in people again.

This type of thing never happens but I can say with absolute gratitude that I am beyond thankful and beyond words.
Just goes to show how people can surprise you in the best of ways.
Until next time,

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