I think the best quality that both of my parents have endowed me with has been that of love.

The love they have for each other, other family members, friends and strangers who need a helping hand is so admirable that I just can’t grasp how two people can always be so giving and never expect anything in return.

I have always looked up to both of my parents despite the fact that sometimes I may have been dramatically and exaggeratedly vocal about my dislike for them. When you are a kid, hate is a word that is so very loosely thrown around. I would say that to my mother in particular a lot.

As you grow older and see those around you suffer because they have lost a parent, you really begin to reevalutate the love you have for your parents. Especially knowing that some day you may not be able to pick up the phone one day and call your parent to say “Hey! What are you doing?” Regardless of the fact that most of the time my mom says “Ooooooh…. WHY YOU CALLING ME?” (Picture that in a cute little Spanish accent.)

Every holiday, our family gathers at my Aunt Yuly’s house and us young adults like to rummage through my Aunt and Uncle’s closet in search of awesome pictures of our parents back in their heyday.

I leave you with these two gems:


My mom looking like such a babe next to my Uncle.


In honor of Father’s Day. My pops in some rad stripes in my mom’s old Beetle.

Until next time.



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