Today’s post might discourage those of the male persuasion. We’re going to talk CHEAP shopping.One thing about being 3 months away from getting married is that you learn to become frugal about EVERYTHING.

And I do mean EVERYTHING.

I have recently been ogling Lime Crime‘s Velvetine collection. Specifically, the Red Velvet Velvetine. It’s a matte lipgloss that makes lips look absolutely luscious.


Naturally, as soon as I saw this product, I wanted to purchase it. That is until i saw that it was $17. Not only was the price tag a bit out of my pocketbook expense at the moment…but, I took another blow when I found out it had sold out.
Being a savvy shopper means that you have to get creative and think of dupes for certain products.

I started doing my research and found out that NYX has a Soft Matte Lip Cream that is ALMOST identical to Lime Crime’s Velvetine line. While, I am slightly disappointed that the Velvetine line sold out so quickly, I was happy to purchase an affordable version.


For a night out with your significant other, loose waves go perfectly with that pop of red.


Until next time!



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