I feel like a fraud.

That word is a huge negative connotation in the eyes of many people.

You see, the type of fraud I am talking about is personal. I have not been completely honest to my readers.

For the past 23 years, I have been dealing with a huge struggle. Struggles are the main theme of my life right now…

Should i have a huge wedding if we don’t have the money? Why won’t the one person I truly want back in my life forgive me if I never did anything wrong in the first place? Why am I not trying harder to pay off my credit cards? Should I put myself into more debt by going to Grad School? Those are just some of the many struggles I current face every day in my life…

But the biggest struggle I deal with on daily basis is that I have had type 1 Diabetes since I was just a toddler. Back then this was more commonly referred to as Juvenile Diabetes but has since been corrected to Type 1 Diabetes because the disease can affect more than just juveniles. In fact, while Type 2 is the most common of Diabetes’ now a days (because of lack of proper nutrition and exercise regime) the fact is that us Type 1ers have been around for quite some time and deal with every day struggles.

Can I eat that? How much insulin should I give myself? Should I test before or after I eat that? Do I really need that extra carb? I really want ice cream…I should eat that…no, I shouldn’t.

I am definitely not ashamed of my Diabetes…in fact, it defines my childhood, teenage years and now adult life. I am proud to be Diabetic. It has taken me a long time to control my blood sugars, A1C’s and provide myself with a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I find my struggle being what glucose monitor I want to purchase.
Price is a huge factor (i’m not a sponsored blog like many of you bloggy bloggers out there…) so I want to make sure I am getting my money’s worth.

I am currently between the iBGStar which you can use with Apple products…

Or the Bayer Contour USB which is compatible with all computers.

So, fellow Diabetics.

Have you purchased any technologically compatible BG monitors?

If so, which one?


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