Fit bound lady

I made a commitment to myself a while ago.

In fact, that while ago was back when I left high school.

You see, all throughout high school I struggled with my weight. It’s not unusual as having Diabetes has made the struggle even that much more difficult. I found myself losing over 50 pounds and being so fit and excited that I could wear everything I wanted. I was 22 when my first love crushed my heart and I turned to the comfort of food. All of the work I had done slipped from my finger tips and I found myself heavy again.

Since then, I found new love, got a dog, graduated from college, found a full time position at a very well known company, got a new dog, got engaged and put more weight on. The heaviest I had been since high school. The struggle that once literally ate me alive was back. My goal in 2010 for graduation was that I would bust my ass off and get into great shape…which I did. But, I fell back into the trap of not taking care of myself shortly after and found myself drenched in clothes to hide myself from my imperfections.


(April 2012.)

Things happen, life throws curve balls at you and you find yourself in positions you wish you had never put yourself in. C’est La Vie, right? At least, I thought that’s just life. Until one day I realized how truly unhappy I was and I began my journey again. While the progress has been EXCRUCIATINGLY prolonged…even milestone I reach makes me realize that the journey is worth it. To date, I don’t quite know the amount weight I have lost but I can tell you that slipping on that size “M” shirt, sweater, petticoat, dress…. makes it better.

So, while you may think that you don’t have the strength to get up and start over again…  and while people may throw that old adage  “if you’re tired of starting over…stop giving up” in your face…remember that you should never be ashamed of starting over because at least you are starting and that says more than the person who isn’t putting in the effort like you are.

Progress takes time. That’s something that people tell me all the time and I have started believing.


(November 2012)


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