Tweedle Do Wounded

Our poor little lady is crate trained because of some past destruction she has done to the house.

She gets put in the cage at 8:30 when I leave for work and is out at 2:30 when Chris returns from work.

Overall, I say she has it better than, being stuck in the cage for 8-10 hours a day, some dogs.

Usually when Chris gets home from work, Luna is silent because she knows that she is going to get released and she can proceed to howl at Chris and let him know how much she has missed him. Yesterday, however, she was yapping and yelping, barking and bemoaning. As soon as she was released she was acting out of character and it took Chris a minute to realize that Luna’s face was stuck in her color.

Upon further inspection he noticed two golf sized protrusions and blood on around her mouth so he took her to the vet immediately.

Bruised and broken

Fat Lipped Luna

The vet says that she most likely tried to free herself by clawing at the collar.

She is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories now but the doctor says we have to take the collar off when we put her in the cage to prevent this from happening again.

Never a dull moment at the Cacti Gardens.

Until then…




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