Tweedle dee and tweedle do.

Of all the things you should know about me, it is that I have an affinity for animals.

A long time vegetarian, I long for the day when we can move back up to New York and then some day take over Chris’ aunts farm. She has four donkeys, two goats, a cow, two dogs and then yonder down the fence are beautiful mares and stallions.

I should have ended up in the veterinary field, but the devastation of having to deal with illness and death was too much for me to bear.

For now, I live in a cozy home with three loves of my life. Two of them just happen to be four legged scoundrels who show their love in the form of licks.

That’s usually the look she gives to notify that she has eaten something.

And her “do you still love me?” look.

I can honestly say that I don’t know what my life would be like without either of my munchkins. People may say that dogs are nothing like children, but I politely disagree. Feeding, cleaning after them, teaching them not to put things in their mouth that don’t belong to them… I think the tasks are equally daunting but worth it.

Any special fur babies in your life?

Until next time.



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