On weddings and such..

It’s been a while since I have updated this, lack-there-of, blog.

Rest assured, many things have happened since I last updated.

For example…

I got engaged.

a thing of beauty


I’m well aware that the ring is on the wrong hand but according to my Colombian mother, our culture wears it on the right and then switches to the left after the ceremony. I have since moved it to my left hand, though, because it was overwhelming to hear people tell me it was on the wrong hand.

But, I digress.

Two dogs, a house and four years later. We’re getting hitched.

Which leads me to this question, fellow DIY/Crafty bloggies:

How do you take all the things you love from sites such as Pinterest and turn them into a reality?

I’m really loving the paper rosettes featured on Hostess Blog that KaLice Events made for one of their clients but just cannot bring myself to pay $175+shipping for the beauty.

Our colors are mustard yellow, gray and white so I am absolutely infatuated by this decor.

Any tips, ideas or tutorials welcome!

Until then…



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